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Graduate Student
Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Anthony Lockhart graduated with his PhD in 2021 from the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at Rutgers University. During his studies, he worked under Dr. James Simon and Dr. Qingli Wu in the plant biology and natural product chemistry department. His project involved investigating the efficacy of the plant extract of nepeta cataria as an arthropod repellent, synthesizing analogues of lead compounds in the extract, analyzing catnip iridoid stability, and identifying human metabolites of catnip phytochemicals, using UHPLC-MS/MS instrumentation and software. Dr. Lockhart developed a library of compounds to test in repellency assays against ticks and bed bugs. He was also affiliated with the Rutgers Hemp Analytics lab where he worked with cannabis cultivators to obtain cannabinoid and terpene contents of their plants.

After graduating, Dr. Lockhart now works as a Senior Analytical Chemist at the Public Health Environmental and Agricultural Laboratories.