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With exceptional laboratory training and industry-quality equipment, our team is able to explore projects that examine the potential medicinal applications of new natural products. In addition, we possess the necessary equipment to verify the plant compounds in commercially sold herbal products.

The NUANPP laboratory has the specialized equipment to conduct compound isolation, purification, and chemical and standardization studies on agricultural, nutraceutical, and medicinal plant products, including bioactive compound isolation, structure determination, analytical method development and validation (HPLC and LC/MS), standardization and quality control of botanicals.

Our Analytical Equipment Includes:

  • GC/MS for essential oil analysis
  • 3 analytical HPLC for nonvolatile natural products analysis
  • Prep-HPLC for bio-active natural compound discovery
  • LC/MS systems
  • Agilent 1100 Ion Trap MSⁿ for phytochemical identification
  • Micro Mass Quattro II Triple Quadrupole MS