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Graduate Student
Department of Plant Biology

Ariane Athena Vasilatis

Ariane is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Plant Science with concentration in nutritional and phytochemical chemistry. She mainly focuses on the nutritional stability of Moringa oleifera as well as its leaf and pod phytochemical profiles. Internationally Ariane provides nutritional analysis and quality control of Moringa oleifera products for the Mitengo Women’s Society located in Lusaka, Zambia. She works to promote the consumption of nutrient-high African Indigenous Vegetables (AIV), such as Moringa oleifera, with the goal of combatting malnutrition.

Ariane got her start in natural products chemistry, where she helped analyze and develop the use of essential oils to deter post-harvest small berry rot. She enjoys bridging the gap between the biological and chemical fields by finding unique industrial and medicinal uses for natural products. Her background and passions complement the New Use Agriculture and Natural Plant Products (NUAPP) sector of Rutgers University.

If you wish to contact her, she can be reached at