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Graduate Student
Department of Plant Biology

David ByrnesDavid Byrnes is a PhD Candidate in the Plant Biology department of Rutgers University the Plant Breeding and Genomics track. Byrnes is focused on crop improvement of widely consumed, yet under-developed crops. By selecting for a complement of improved economic performance with stable, high-source micronutrient content, Byrnes is intending to facilitate the adoption of these crops as a cost-effective solution to globally pervasive micronutrient deficiencies.

Byrnes has four years of experience contributing to projects in East and Southern Africa using agriculture as a tool for economic growth and improvement of nutritional status for smallholder farmers. Byrnes was named a Kirchner Food Fellow in 2015-2016, a Borlaug Fellow in Global Food Security in 2013-2014, has authored AgriSETA registered training materials for farmers in Zambia, and has assisted in the planning and installation of low-cost technologies from solar driers to drip irrigation kits for community farms.