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Science Communication and Food Systems Researcher
Department of Food Science


Dena Seidel is an interdisciplinary social scientist who combines Anthropology, science storytelling and ethnographic documentary filmmaking as part of science communication and STEM learning and food systems research. Seidel has spent years working in Micronesian island nations with local and cultural leaders supporting community led sustainable development projects. Seidel is an award winning science filmmaker and the director/producer of several original feature films about Rutgers research. She is the Founding Director of the Rutgers Center for Digital Filmmaking and the former Director of Digital Storytelling in the Rutgers English Department. Seidel has a Masters Degree in Anthropology with years of experience learning from Pacific indigenous cultures. She has developed innovative International and university programs combining anthropology, filmmaking/storytelling, sustainable development including traditionally based food systems and interdisciplinary education pedagogy. Seidel and Rutgers scientists together designed the impactful science-in-action video storytelling model shown in the attached article.