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Distinguished Professor
Department of Plant Biology

Director, New Use Agriculture and Natural Plant Products Program
Office Tel:848-932-6239; Fax: 732-932-9441



Dr. Jim Simon

Dr. Simon’s area of expertise is in the development of new uses of traditional crops, new crop

development, aromatic and medicinal plant domestication, with a specialization in natural products such as those containing extractable chemicals in interest for flavor, aroma, and medicinal activity. Simon published over 100 scientific papers, books, and reviews in the areas of new crops, aromatic and medicinal plants and nutraceuticals. Dr. Simon leads the Rutgers University program on New Use Agriculture and Natural Plant Products Program, and works cooperatively with research groups around the world and in New Jersey seeking to develop standardized botanical products for health and nutrition. Research projects focus on culinary herbs (selection and breeding), Asian and African botanicals and medicinal plants, the nutraceutical components in fruits and vegetables and quality control for herbs and botanical products. Simon’s research is supported by NIH, USDA, USAID, and BARD as well as other public and private funding.