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Part-Time Lecturer
Department of Plant Biology

Associate Director
New Use Agriculture and Natural Plant Products Program

Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Natural Plant Products
Tel: 848-932-6240; Fax: 732-932-9441

Dr. Juliani Google Scholar

The research of Dr. Juliani supports the science-based component of our national, international development programs, NUANPP, PFIDNP and ASNAPP. His research identifies new applications and uses of both traditional and exotic products, to ultimately assist growers/ collectors, rural communities and the private sector to increase interest in their products. Research interests include chemical diversity of essential oils, biological activity of aromatic and medicinal plant components/ extracts, biotechnology of native aromatic plants, regulation of essential oil accumulation in aromatic plants, analytical techniques and extraction methods for essential oils, quality assurance and quality control of natural plant products, and international development through sustainable production of natural products.