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Graduate Student
Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Weiting Lyu graduated with her PhD from the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at Rutgers University in 2022. During her time at Rutgers, her projects focused on the analysis work of grape polyphenol and derivatives in bio-samples including mice plasma and brain tissue, human urine and serum samples. Dr. Lyu developed, optimized and validated extraction method and UHPLC-QqQ/MS method to quantify targeted compounds in bio-samples. Dr Lyu also designed and performed an metabolic study to find bio-markers and possible pathways in those bio-samples. Additionally, Dr. Lyu collaborated with Aerofarms company to work on quality control of their products. She also worked with Citromax Company, to design and perform a study to assess lemon juice quality and adulteration by UHPLC-QqQ and UHPLC-qTOF combined with machine learning methodology. Dr. Lyu identified 79 bioactive compounds from 289 extracted feature compounds in lemon juice, 5 machine learning models were conducted, and good prediction power achieved.

Post graduation, Dr. Lyu now works as a product manager/scientist at Alfa Chemistry.