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Graduate Student
Department of Food Chemistry & Nutrition Science

Zhiya Yin is a current PhD student in the Department of Food Chemistry & Nutrition Science at Rutgers University. Her researches includes Improving the oral bioavailability of polyphenols through nanoencapsulation; and developing LC-MS-MS methods to detect and identify metabolites of polyphenols using in vivo/ vitro models. Zhiya has the ability to develop multiple delivery systems for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), including nanoemulsion, Pickering emulsion, nanoparticles, etc. She also can perform morphology analysis (optical microscopy, atomic force microscopy, and Confocal Raman microscopy) and conduct different in-vitro/ex-vivo studies (e.g. cell study and TIM-1) to investigate the absorption and metabolism of active ingredients. Zhiya is able to develop the highly-efficient UHPLC-MS/MS method for the targeted drugs/ ingredients in plants and animal serum.